"Aware of the enormity of task, we shall remain malleable and yielding, but with unwavering conviction - using business conduits, technology, innovation, education and reform - strive honorably to empower end users, and to maximize the efficiency of energy resources - one sector at a time."

Davide G. Founder, myEnergyPlatform

Patented Smart Building Technology For The Planet

myEnergyPlatform is a Patented Smart Building Technology gifted by Archangel Energy to provide end users and operators access to superior infrastructure management, resource analytics, cost recovery and sustainability services.

myEnergyPlatform’s Patented Smart Building Technology can be launched by anyone and from anywhere.  Simply register, access myEnergy Portal and get started using your existing utility data.  There’s no need to change meters, providers, or services.

What’s more, through full use of our Smart Building Technology platform and services offering, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional end users can maximize operational control, enable diversified and more competitive ESCO services, simplify leasing processes, improve tenant relations, promote corporate sustainability, and cut operational expenses through the unbundling of 3rd party cost recovery services.

We Are Smart Building Technology.  To get started, click here